Memphis 28 inch Pro Pellet Grill

The Memphis Pro is sleek and beautiful and an ideal addition to any Houston back yard, patio, cabana, or pergola. The wide range of features are as wide ranged as its temperature range. The Pro series Wood Fire Grill offers opening shelves that allow for storage underneath. It’s stainless steel construction is perfect when standing up to Houston’s weather.


The Pro series grill features a double-walled construction and made with the highest quality stainless steel. The Memphis Pro Wood Fire pellet grill combines the very best parts of a kitchen oven, a real wood fire, a BBQ gas grill, and a smoker. Also available in a Built-in model. The Memphis Pro Pellet Grill has an impressive temperature range from 180 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) with Wi-Fi allows you to control the Indirect and Direct Flame Modes and the Dual Convection Fans. The Oven-Grade Gasket with shelves that open for enhanced storage now comes standard with direct flame insert, genie tool, one meat probe, and a free 20lb bag of pellets!


Meet with your design experts to find the perfect style and fit for your ourtdoor space.

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