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Glass Expanse

Introducing the Glass Expanse System

Compared to other moving or folding glass door systems, Glass Expanse is one of the most innovative glass products available. Boasting a seamless design with frames 1 ¼” wide, you can maximize your outside view. While the narrow frames provide a more dramatic view than traditional doors, each panel can slide and pivot to nest together to one side, creating a truly expansive view and integrating your indoor and outdoor living space.

Custom Windows is proud to be the Glass Expanse distributor in the surrounding Houston and Gulf Coast areas. Together with our attention to detail designing the system and our factory trained installation crews, we can create a custom system that will provide years of enjoyment. Your new Glass Expanse system will add beauty, security and energy efficiency for years to come.


Operational Flexibility

The Glass Expanse system can be configured with inswing or outswing panels, with pivot doors at one or both ends

Custom Sizing

Unlike many other systems that can only be built in set sizes, Glass Expanse can be easily customized for virtually any width your room will allow and with heights up to 10 feet tall.

Creative Designs

The horizontal rollers and dual compression seals on each panel allow systems to open around corners or seal two systems with different heights without needing a center post.

Adjustable Header

The two-part header allows easy and precise adjustment of the panel height for smooth operation that lasts.


Does an unobstructed view with a seamless design sound like a dream? Browse our selection of products, contact an expert, or view our gallery to get more inspiration!



 Glass Expanse systems are built just a few hours from us in Troy, Texas. Each system is made with tempered (safety) glass panels and patented suspended wheel technology built from marine grade stainless steel for a lifetime of smooth operation.

Unlike regular patio doors, each Glass Expanse system is made to order, meaning your Glass Expanse system will be completely unique to your home. No other home will have a folding door system like yours!