Moving Glass Walls Houston WindowsBecause of the sunshine and warm weather most of the year, Houston is home to family barbeques and backyard entertainment. In fact, we use the rear doors on our home much more frequently than the front door! But the Houston heat and humidity can take their toll on doors over time and can be a major source of energy use, especially if you have a sliding glass door to your backyard.

Custom Windows can help!

We are experts in doors that are as energy efficient as our windows and are made from materials that will stand up to our climate. Whether a rear entry door, a sliding glass door, a French door or an entire Moving Glass Wall, Custom Windows can help you beautify your home with solutions that will provide years of security and smooth operation.

What to Look For in a Quality Door:

Durability and Longevity

While wood doors have timeless beauty, due to Houston’s heat and humidity they may not be timeless themselves! This is where fiberglass, vinyl, steel and aluminum have clear advantages. They will not warp, rot or split as wood can, and will stand up to frequent use.


While efficiency standards still allow some remarkably inefficient materials to be used, including single pane glass, Custom Windows only works with products that use higher efficiency materials to maximize your comfort and energy efficiency. Every door sold by Custom Windows uses the same dual pane, Low-E glass to help keep the heat outside.

Alignment and Seal

As a wood door ages or your home settles – and all homes settle in Houston! – you may notice leaks and drafts increasing and your doors may not operate or lock smoothly. By using materials which do not warp or rot, a new door system from Custom Windows will improve your seal and security for years to come!

Installation Precision

As important as installation is to windows, the precise fit, seal and alignment is critical to proper long-term operation of your new doors! Starting with precise production measurements through the alignment and sealing of the products, the highly skilled Custom Windows installation team is involved in every step.

Whether you are looking for a single door, a French Door, a Sliding Patio Door, a French Gliding Door or a Moving Glass Wall, let Custom Windows help you find a solution with you!