Introducing Glass Expanse

The innovative moving glass wall with expansive views, built in Texas!

Moving glass walls are one of the hottest trends in custom homes today and Glass Expanse is one of the most unique and innovative products on the market today.

What makes Glass Expanse so unique

The View

The Glass Expanse frames are only 1 ¼” wide so when closed there is only 2 ½” of frame from glass edge to glass edge to obstruct the view. Compared to most moving glass walls, that is over 60% less frame obstructing your view!


Since each panel is independent, you can open as many or as few panels as you would like. Or, you can slide the panels apart to allow as much or as little ventilation as you would like.

Because the doors are all aligned and slide on the same narrow track, you are free to position furniture on either side of the glass without it impeding the operation of the door. All panels pivot open at the far end making it easy to utilize the center area as you wish.


Another benefit of independent panels is that the system has great design flexibility. Whether your opening is 6 or 60 feet wide, Glass Expanse can be designed to fit your needs. Even going around corners!

Energy Efficient

Every Glass Expanse system is built using Cardinal’s highest efficiency Low-E glass with Argon gas fill.

Built to Last

Glass Expanse starts from heavier gauge aluminum than most systems for added strength and goes a step farther by adding easy adjustments to the head track which can accommodate minor house settling which can occur, especially in Houston!


With a modern Moving Glass Wall from Custom Windows, you will add beauty, security and energy efficiency that the entire family can enjoy for years!

The beautiful view is just the starting point with a Glass Expanse system.
But it is a great place to start!

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Come see Glass Expanse in person by visiting our showroom and let us design a system for your home!