The best window warranty is the one that you never have to use!

Which is why Custom Windows only builds and distributes high quality windows and doors. We will not build or offer low-cost builder’s grade products because of the corners they cut achieve a slightly lower price.

If you ever were to need some warranty service it is important that you have a Manufacturer’s Warranty that protects your investment. Which is another reason why Custom Windows is very selective in the products that we sell. The Windows and Doors from companies like Milgard and Atrium Safe Harbor are protected by extensive warranties, as are the products built and sold by Custom Windows.

What are the important things to look for in a warranty?

  • Is it the Manufacturer’s Warranty or a window dealer’s warranty? First, be aware that most ‘lifetime warranties’ advertised by window resellers are NOT a warranty from the manufacturer! Window resellers, even national franchises, can close their doors or change franchise owners, so the only true warranty that you have is what the manufacturer provides. Every window built by Custom Windows and every brand distributed by Custom Windows includes a strong Manufacturer’s Warranty. In fact, the quality of their warranty and their track record of honoring their warranties are part of the selection criteria for any product that we will offer.
  • Is the Manufacturer’s Warranty Transferable? Some ‘lifetime’ warranties are not transferable if you sell your home. The ‘lifetime’ is limited to the original purchaser. Having a warranty that is fully transferable provides you with a clear benefit to a prospective home buyer.
  • If it is a Limited Warranty, what are the limitations? Most Manufacturer’s Warranties are Limited Lifetime Warranties. This means that some portions may be covered for life, but some may be prorated, limited in time or excluded completely. Most limited warranties may cover frames and parts for life but limit glass seal failure, glass breakage and/or labor may be restricted or not offered at all. A limited warranty is not a weak warranty, but knowing the warranty limitations makes you a smarter buyer.
  • Is there such a thing as true Lifetime Warranty? Actually, one reason Custom Windows selected Milgard was their strong Full Lifetime Warranty which includes Parts and Labor, including in most cases Glass Breakage. This is one of the strongest warranties in the industry.
  • A Warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. In evaluating warranties, consider the strength and longevity of the company backing it. Don’t rely on a reseller’s ‘limited lifetime’ warranty when they may have been in business only a few years. Look for a Manufacturer’s Warranty from a company with years of proven service and reliability.
    • Custom Windows has been in business manufacturing windows for more than 35 years, so you know that you can trust us to be there when you call! You can see the warranty for the products we manufacture here.
    • Milgard has been manufacturing windows and doors for over 50 years! See their industry leading warranty here.
    • Atrium, the manufacturer for Safe Harbor Impact Windows, has been in business for more than 60 years! You can see their warranty here.

A warranty should be part of your purchasing decision. Be sure you have a Manufacturer’s Warranty and that it is backed by a company with a long and high-quality reputation!