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Storm Windows

Add Protection for Your Home and Family

Hurricane Ike hit Galveston in September 2008 causing widespread damage and blowing out windows in central Houston. Though hurricanes of this strength are thankfully rare, strong storms do happen all along the gulf coast that can break windows and cause significant damage.

  • Better Security.
  • Reduce 99% of UV Rays.
  • Reduce Noise.

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Hurricane Windows in Houston, TX

Storm Windows – Not Just For the Coast!

Stepping up to Safe Harbor certified impact windows is not only a good idea for the coast! There are other benefits that can make sense for your home even if you live in Conroe or further north. Some of the added benefits that come with a Safe Harbor Impact Window include:

  • Better Security. Laminate glass is extremely difficult to break through, adding a level of security to your home that is not possible with standard dual pane windows.
  • Reduce 99% of UV Rays. The Laminate glass used blocks over 99% of all harmful UV rays, the cause of fading drapes, wood and furniture.
  • Reduce Noise. The Laminate glass improves noise reduction material versus standard dual pane windows, making your home quieter.
  • Lower Insurance Rates. Your new windows might reduce your insurance rates. Talk to your insurance agent.

And you can have all of this without sacrificing energy efficiency since all Safe Harbor windows sold by Custom Windows can be configured to meet the new 2015 Energy Star requirements!

The Custom Windows team are great. Punctual, clean before, during and after the job; but most importantly they are very professional in keeping the customer informed of the options and the process. They are the best!
We had Custom Windows replace all of the windows in the brick home we were remodeling. We were living out of state at the time and all of the arrangements were made by phone and e-mail. When we arrived at our new home months later we were so pleased with the windows, they were exactly the windows we wanted. They surpassed our expectations. The staff worked with us in a friendly and informative manner throughout the entire long-distance process.
J.M. - Houston, TX

Water – The Real Enemy!

Did you know that most of the damages caused to homes from storms is due to water? If a tree limb breaks through your window it will certainly cause a mess, but more critically your home is now open to wind-blown rain that can permanently damage floors, furniture and other personal belongings. It also opens your home to an opportunistic burglar.

This is one of the most important benefits of a certified Impact Window like Safe Harbor. The laminate glass is tested to not break through even if struck by significant force like a wind-blown limb. So water doesn’t get in and cause irreparable damage to your personal belongings. And the opportunistic burglar is simply out of luck!

Anatomy of a Hurricane Impact Window

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To be certified as an Impact Window meeting hurricane wind standards, a window must meet specific requirements established by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). TDI has defined a number of ‘zones’ which have different requirements, from basic wind-loads up to full impact window. The two key requirements include:

Design Pressure ratings (DP)

Most windows are tested and receive a DP rating. This rating communicates both a structural wind speed test and a test for leakage with wind-blown water. TDI has defined areas where windows must meet certain minimum DP levels in order to be installed and the installation must be done differently as well. Some windows will not meet these requirements and, even more importantly, many installers are not trained for proper installation! Custom Windows can help you understand the requirements for your home and has the trained installers to ensure your windows meet TDI installation requirements, too.

Impact approved

In cities along the coast, TDI certified Impact Windows (or commonly called hurricane windows) must be used. These use a special laminate glass as well as structural reinforcements to the window which have been tested to withstand remarkable impacts without breaking through the glass or the window frame itself.

All Safe Harbor windows meet the toughest DP and Impact standards and are TDI approve for every zone. And many other windows from Custom Windows will also meet many zones which only have DP requirements but do not require impact certification.