Serving the greater Houston area from the same location for over 35 years, Custom Windows is one of the oldest window experts in the gulf coast area. We started by manufacturing aluminum windows, screens and aluminum frames and over time have expanded to add storm windows, solar screens, vinyl windows and patio doors for the custom home, replacement and commercial markets. We do not waste your money on expensive advertising or fancy showrooms, instead preferring to focus on building high quality products at affordable prices. This coupled with personalized service and a focus on customer needs is the reason for our longevity.

As you consider the many options available to you, here are some important reasons to consider Custom Windows for your next project:

  • We are a local manufacturer of patio doors, windows, storm windows and solar screens, so your business helps support the Houston economy!Custom Windows designs and manufactures our products here in Texas so every product starts with a focus on the best technologies to meet the needs of the local market. Most ‘national brands’ focus on products that can be sold anywhere, even they are not the right solutions for the extreme climate of our market.
  • We specialize in our climate.Houston is a heat dominated climate where keeping cool in the summer is the significant driver of our energy costs. As a local manufacturer, Custom Windows is quick to add specific designs and technologies that provide true energy benefits for Houston. Our new EnergyCore windows, for example, meet and exceed not only today’s tough Energy Star requirements, but they even exceed the requirements today for the even tougher standards that will go into effect in 2014!
  • We do mean Custom.Because we do not mass produce windows, we work with you and your contractor to create a look that is both beautiful as well as efficient. This includes many shapes and sizes that most other window companies simply will not offer or cannot build. Check out our photo gallery for more ideas!
  • We manufacture to order so that we ensure the best fit for your home!Especially when replacing existing windows, the right fit is critical for maximizing efficiency and sealing out the elements. But many windows are sold in ‘standard’ sizes that can be undersized by ½” or more. Instead, every Custom Windows product is manufactured to within 1/8” tolerances for each opening.
  • Installation Teams that value your home.A high quality replacement window deserves the highest quality installation.  At Custom Windows, we only use highly trained and skilled personnel who work with you from the very beginning.  From doing the precise production measurements through installation, clean-up and removing all debris from your home, our installation teams treat your home and your installation with care.  In fact, if you take a look at the customer testimonial page, you will see the quality of the installation crew mentioned as often as the quality of the windows and doors!
  • Custom, affordable and we will be here should you need us.With Custom Windows, your investment is in high quality products, not expensive advertising and showrooms.  Feel free to visit our location in The Heights anytime, but know that you are visiting an active manufacturing shop and not a fancy showroom!  And should service ever be necessary, why spend your time chasing an out-of-state manufacturer or a window reseller when it only takes one local call to Custom Windows, the company that has serviced Houston from the same location in The Heights for over 35 years!

We work closely with custom home builders and contractors throughout the region and can provide quotations, production measurements and installation services.