At Custom Windows, we know that a quality installation is as critical to your satisfaction as choosing the right products! Even the most efficient windows can have their energy efficiency, proper operation and longevity hurt by improper sizing and installations. This is why Custom Windows will only use skilled and insured personnel on any project. You can have confidence that a Custom Windows team will never include untrained personnel or day laborers on any project.

Expert Manufacturing for Your Home

Custom Window builds every window to fit each specific opening. We never use ‘off-the-shelf’ sizes which can leave significant gaps and hurt your home’s efficiency and seal. You can be sure that each window is crafted precisely for your home.

Every Custom Windows project includes:

Precise Production Measurements

Proper sizing for each opening is critical to the best fit and seal, which is why the first step in any Custom Windows’ project is measuring each opening to 1/8” tolerances. These measurements are taken by the same lead installer who will do the installation, which also ensures that they are aware of any unique issues beforehand and have the proper materials and tools to do the job right the first time.

Product Removal, Preparation and Installation

After re-verifying the size of each new replacement window and protecting floors and furniture in the work area, our installers begin careful and orderly removal your existing windows or doors. Working as a team, the crew then prepares the opening and the new window or door is installed and secured. And unlike some, the lead installer is actively involved with every installation to ensure proper fit and leveling of your new products.


Yes, we take proper sealing of your new windows and doors as seriously as the fit! While costing a bit more, Custom Windows uses Soudal AP, the most environmentally friendly sealant on the market. Unlike cheaper silicone or latex caulks, Soudal AP is very low VOC, can be used both inside and out, has no odor, is paintable, waterproof and, most critically, because it has no solvents it will not shrink. Caulks with solvents will shrink, allowing leaks and energy loss over time. The best windows deserve the best installation, and the best installations deserve Soudal AP!

Clean-Up and Debris Removal

Each day the work area is cleaned of all debris, which is removed from your home. While window and door replacement involves construction and can create some dust, we work to minimize any inconvenience. Our goal is that when we leave your home, you will hardly know we were there!

Your home is probably your biggest investment, and replacing windows and doors is a way to increase its value and appearance. We understand that, which is why Custom Windows views the entire installation process as a critical element of your satisfaction.