What’s even better than a set of brand new windows? How about an entire wall of glass that opens directly into your backyard? Moving glass walls are the perfect addition to your living room or office, giving you a great view of the outside and plenty of sunshine without sacrificing comfort.

Our glass walls are designed to give you an unobstructed view of your yard and let sunlight into your home without compromising your climate-controlled interior. How are these any different from standard windows? Let’s take a look!

Moving glass walls give you several advantages over standard windows for your living room! Learn more here. #CustomWindowsTX

What are Moving Glass Walls?

A moving glass wall is more than an overgrown window. Homeowners who love the outdoors can replace an entire wall with glass panels that open up completely, giving you direct access into the backyard without the confinement of a narrow doorway. There’s no better way to let in sunlight and fresh air on a beautiful day!

Different Styles & Designs

Like our French doors, a glass wall can be customized to fit the design of the rest of your windows with different framing materials and colors. But perhaps the most striking feature is how the walls open. Depending on your preferences (and space requirements), you may like a wall that folds open like an accordion, panels that slide over each other and out of the way, or panels that pivot and slide smoothly out of the way against an interior wall. Best of all, we can cut these panels to fit in virtually any space or wall shape you want! We’ll fill gaps up to 10 feet tall and with virtually unlimited width.

Pro Tip: All our moving glass walls come with the same energy-efficiency guarantee as our windows and French doors!

Where to Install

Most of our clients like to install their folding glass walls in the living room for plenty of sunlight in a comfortable space. The walls tend to open to the patio or other outdoor living spaces to allow a seamless transition. For an alternative approach to home design, some clients request these walls in the kitchen! This makes backyard party planning a lot easier and lets guests bring their meals from inside to outside easily.

Enjoy Your Newly Improved View!

Glass walls give you so much more than a typical sliding door or window ever could. Get in touch with our team and design your new glass walls today!

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