Houston’s Window Contractors!

There a lot of good, reputable window contractors to choose from. You should expect at the very least a good reputation, years of experience, unsurpassed quality and great customer service.

patio glass doorsContract Custom Windows and you get:

  • High quality, energy efficient windows
  • Well trained, experienced installers that care
  • Precise measuring and design to fit each unique project
  • Courteous and professional service at every phase of the project
  • Clean up and debris removal
  • Proper insurance

Serving the Gulf Coast for over 35 years, we have learned a thing or two about installing windows in our area and have taken what we’ve learned to create a better product and a better service for our customers.  Contracting custom window installation is a considerable investment and you want to be sure you find the right contractor so your investment will pay off for years to come.

Unlike many window contractors, Custom Windows manufactures our own product.  That means we make our own custom windows using the newest technology and the best designs for energy efficiency and strength.

We have a lot of experience in custom window installation and use only the highest quality products, the best trained installers and offer all of the above and more.

The Custom Windows team are great. Punctual; clean before, during and after the job; but most importantly they are very professional in keeping the customer informed of the options and the process. They are the best!
A. F., Cypress, TX

We truly create a custom look and feel for your client’s home.

Houston Window ReplacementsUnlike most window contractors, Custom Windows actually manufactures aluminum windows and aluminum frames here in The Heights. Because of this, we understand windows more completely than most. Also, where many window dealers only offer vinyl windows as an option, Custom Windows partners with a few of the best brands available to provide you with choices and options to meet your needs, not just sell you on the only product the dealer has. We can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum, Vinyl, Reinforced Vinyl, Fiberglass and Wood windows and help craft the right solution with you for your home.

The range of products available for custom window replacement Houston TX includes:

While there are many window ‘brands’ available, focusing on a few high quality brands allows Custom Windows to provide you with frame and design options that meet your budget. Also, one of the most important ‘brands’ is the glass that is used, and Custom Windows uses Cardinal’s most efficient Low-E glass in most everything we do – the very same glass used in the most expensive windows, but charge more for as an ‘upgrade’!

The windows were installed two and a half years ago.  We’ve had not problems with them.  Our summer energy bills have dropped about 25% to 30%.

— J. M., Houston, TX

Houston Window ReplacementWhy replace windows now?

  • Efficiency and Comfort: Older single pane windows leak energy, making your home cold in the winter and stifling hot in Houston’s summers. Custom Windows knows the gulf coast climate so we focus on the highest efficiency materials available. All windows are not the same – in fact, many vinyl windows today cannot meet the tough new 2015 Energy Star requirements. But every vinyl and fiberglass window from Custom Windows meets and exceeds these new standards for efficiency.
  • Noise Reduction: Most modern dual pane windows will have a noticeable effect in making your home quieter than old single pane windows. But Custom Windows offers even more ways to reduce noise with special glass packages and even specially designed windows from Milgard and Atrium.
  • Hurricane Windows: Whether you live on the coast where specific code requirements must be met, or because you simply want increased security, Custom Windows can help meet stringent Design Pressure and Impact goals.
  • Home Value: Yes, replacing your leaky single pane windows with modern dual pane windows increase the value of your home! In fact, according to the 2014 Remodelers Magazine annual survey, roughly 80% of what you pay for your new windows is recouped in the improved resell value of your home! So you enjoy improved comfort and lower energy bills now, and you get back most of your initial investment if you sell your home!
  • Financing Options: Custom Windows offers homeowners up to 100% financing options. So you can enjoy the benefits of new windows today with flexible payment options including a zero interest / no payment option for one full year!

Installation – The Critical Difference

Selecting the right window for your needs is certainly an important step. But the efficiency, performance and longevity of even the best windows can be seriously compromised due to poor sizing and poor installation.

Danger Signs:

  • The salesman’s measurements equal the production measurements: Having the salesperson doing the production measurements almost guarantees that a window will be undersized, leaving gaps that allow the energy to leak out of your home. Why? Because they are charged for the window if the installer cannot make it work, so they undersize so that any amateur installer can get the window in.
  • ‘We can add people to the crew so we can install 30 windows in a day!’ What may sound impressive at first is actually a warning sign. Crew size should be consistent – large enough to install a reasonable amount each day but small enough to work together as a team.   And are they adding qualified installers or, as unfortunately happens in Houston, are they adding day-laborers. The installation crew must have full access to every room of your home, so you are trusting the honesty of everyone on the crew, not the salesman.

What makes Custom Windows different?

  • All measurements are precise and taken by the same lead installer who will be installing all of your windows. This ensures that:
  • You meet the key people who will be installing at your home right away. They can answer any lingering questions you may have and you also develop a comfort level with the team.
  • The production measurements will be precise to each opening.  And while two windows may look the same size, for many reasons the best fit for each opening may be slightly different. Custom Windows builds windows to 1/8” tolerances, so this precision ensures a tighter fit and seal for you.
  • By seeing every window to be replaced on your home, the installer can prepare any materials that might be needed for a smooth installation.
  • All sealants used are the highest quality and most environmentally sound we can find. Unlike many window installers who use silicone or latex sealants which can run in humidity and will shrink over time, Custom Windows uses Soudal AP which is very low VOC, has no solvents, is fully paintable, will not run and, most importantly, will not shrink. Because it doesn’t shrink, gaps do not develop over time that sacrifice your window’s seal and efficiency.

For Custom Windows, a high quality, custom window replacement deserves the highest quality installation.

Your client’s home deserves expert, confidant installation!