How Will You Choose Your Window?

A Buyer’s Guide from Houston’s Window Replacement Experts!

Q. What are the real benefits to replacing my windows?

There are many reasons to consider, but here are a three of the most important:

1.  Comfort:  You have probably felt the cold air leaking through your old single pane windows in the winter and during the summer you cannot sit near a window with the sun shining on it.  Our modern dual pane windows using Cardinal Low-E glass eliminates the drafts, insulates against the cold and helps reflect the heat outside, keeping your home more comfortable all year.

2.  Energy Savings:  Drafty and hot windows mean you need to run your heater or air conditioner more often and longer to try and keep your home comfortable.  Our windows dramatically improve the efficiency of your entire HVAC system – both heating and cooling systems run less which means they your home uses less gas and electricity.  This translates into direct savings on your utility bills every month!

3.  Improved Home Value:  Investing in new windows also pays you back by increasing the resell value of your home.  In fact, the annual survey by Remodeler’s Magazine (need to either link to pdf with approval from RM or cite data as required by RM) showed that 80% of what you invest in quality window replacement is recouped in higher home value!

Quality replacement windows made specifically for each opening and installed by a skilled team saves you money on utilities, reduces the demands on your air-conditioning and heating systems, adding years to their useful lives, and materially increases your home’s value.  All while making everyone at home more comfortable!

Q.  I live on a high-traffic street with a school nearby.  Can anything be done to reduce the noise?

A.  Yes!  While changing to one of our modern dual pane windows will automatically help reduce noise, there are a number of ways to tackle specific noise problems you may have.  Custom Windows has a broad range of options we can discuss with you. 

Contact us to discuss your noise reduction needs.

Q.  Some dealers only push vinyl windows, but I have had my aluminum windows for over 20 years.  Is vinyl the only choice I have?

A.  You are right – some dealers only have vinyl windows, so naturally the only option they can talk about is vinyl!  Custom Windows has a complete range of high quality products in Aluminum, Thermal Break Aluminum, Vinyl, Reinforced Vinyl, Fiberglass, Fiberglass Clad Wood and Wood windows.  We only deal with quality manufacturers, including Milgard, Atrium, Safe Harbor, Jeld-Wen, American Window Systems and our own Custom Windows products that we manufacture here in Houston!

Q.  Can I improve the security of my home against burglars and storms without sacrificing efficiency?

Certainly!  A quality Hurricane Window such as the Safe Harbor window from Custom Windows is tested to withstand most impacts and extreme winds.  And while a certified Impact Window like Safe Harbor is required in some coastal areas, we have other solutions which may satisfy your needs affordably. 

Call or contact us today and let’s begin the conversation!   

Q.  I see ads for window installation under $200 from some companies and my neighbor paid over $1000 for each installed window.  How do I know I am getting the right price?

A.  First, you can ignore any advertising for a window installed under $200 and, in fact, you probably should ignore the company selling them entirely as well!  These windows cannot meet Texas Energy Code unless you pay extra for a low-end Low-E glass, and even then they will not meet Energy Star requirements.  Other hidden extras can be screens, installation ‘extras’, etc. 

Second, some window companies play the game of starting with high prices and then pressuring you for an immediate decision by offering a discount that is ‘only good for today’.  New windows are an investment – you should never feel pressured into deciding on the spot.  .

At Custom Windows we never play these bait-and-switch or high-pressure games.  Window prices can differ based upon the type and materials used, and we take the time to understand your goals and then work within your budget.  We provide detailed and itemized quotes with honest, competitive prices.     

Our goal is not a quick sale – it is a lifetime relationship.

Q.  What are the most important things I need to think about when I look at replacing my windows?

The key words to keep in mind are Quality and Longevity!

A quality product starts with higher quality materials and doesn’t cut the corners that are cut in builder’s grade windows.   Things to ask about include:

Glass thickness:  Some manufacturers still use Single Strength glass which is far too thin.  At Custom Windows, we use Double Strength or heavier glass for each pane of every window we sell, even the smallest.

Highest efficiency Low-E:  The most important window element to control our heat-dominated climate is the type of Low-E used. And all Low-E is NOT the same!  This is why we use Cardinal’s best glass in almost every window we sell – the same glass that is an extra-cost step-up for most other brands!  And since we build windows specifically for the Houston climate, we only use what controls our intense summer heat best.

Reinforced lock-rails on vinyl windows:  Have you ever seen a neighbor’s vinyl window ‘smile’ or sag where the two sashes meet?  This is because the window does not have a metal reinforcement in the lock-rail and many windows shipped in from out of state are built without them.  But our heat can cause this ‘smile’ or sag so we only offer vinyl windows that are reinforced regardless of size. 

A Quality installation is as important as the window itself!

A quality installation starts with precise production measurements for each opening on your home.  The tighter the fit, the better the seal.  At Custom Windows, ever project starts with production measurements by the same lead installer that will do the actual installation. 

A quality installation team is fully trained.  Amazingly, some installation crews add day-laborers off the street for help, but do you really want someone wandering around your home freely who is not a responsible member of a trained team?  Custom Windows only uses small crews and the lead installer for each team is always on site to manage the installation.

Another key step in a quality installation is the use of higher quality materials.  Where some installation teams use silicone or latex sealants, Custom Windows uses Soudal AP hybrid caulks which are low VOC, are fully paintable, have no odor, will not sag in rain or humidity and, most importantly, will not shrink like other caulks do.  Yes, it costs us a little more, but it is simply part of a quality Custom Windows installation.

Window dealers come and go, so look for dealers with Longevity.  Your purchase is the start of a relationship so make sure the dealer will be there for you in the future.

Custom Windows has been building windows in the same location since 1978.  We manufacture windows and offer selected high quality brands because we know that Quality and Longevity count!