7 Reasons to Replace Your Windows and Doors Today!

Often we put off home repairs and improvements until the problems become so obvious that we are forced to make the investment in repairs. But replacing your windows and doors is an investment today that pays you back in many ways that you may not have considered.

Here is just a list of a few you might not have thought about!

  • Efficiency = Savings:  For Houston, Energy Star has estimated that replacing old single pane windows with Energy Star windows saves and average of over 30% in energy costs! And EVERY window and door Custom Windows installs is an Energy Star rated product.
  • Efficiency = Green:  Energy Star also calculates that you remove more than 1,006 to as much as 6,205 pounds of CO2 from the air which is the equivalent of 51 to 317 gallons of gasoline.  And if you have aluminum single pane windows, you are towards the high end of that range!  So you can help the environment as you help yourself.
  • Protect Your Home’s Valuables:  Ultraviolet rays (UV) creates damages to the interior of your home by causing furniture, drapes and wood floors to fade, often in patterns that become noticeable over time as the sun hits one area more than others.  Custom Windows only uses Cardinal’s most advanced Low-E which not only provides the efficiency noted above, but it blocks 95% of these damaging UV rays from entering your home.
  • Comfort:  Do you find that you cannot sit next to your windows at certain times to the day due to high heat in summer or cold air leaks during winter?  High quality modern dual pane windows properly sized and installed for your home not only improves the efficiency, but it makes living in your home more enjoyable!  The air conditioner works less, the temperatures remain consistent throughout the home and air and dust leaks are a thing of the past!
  • Peace and Quiet:  Whether you hear neighbors playing or cars rushing by, new dual pane windows will make a real difference by reducing the noise inside your home.  And for more extreme noise reduction, Custom Windows has the expertise to work with you on solutions that go beyond the improvement of standard dual pane windows, from custom offset glass solutions up to Milgard’s remarkable Quietline series of windows that meet the toughest sound reduction specifications for homes near airports!
  • Your Home – Your Style:  Our homes are our biggest investment, yet often appearance can be compromised in favor of other important factors like schools, proximity to our jobs, etc.  But new windows will enhance your views outside while modernizing the appearance of your home.  Custom Windows specializes in working with you to help create the style you have always wanted for your home.
  • And Saving the Best for Last – Your Home’s Value:  Yes, replacing your old single pane windows with Energy Star windows increases the value of your home!  In fact, Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 survey shows that your home value will go up enough by replacing your windows to recoup 79.5% of your investment.

Replacing windows and doors is indeed an investment.  But with Custom Windows’ focus on using only the highest quality Energy Star certified products, sized and installed by trained professionals with years of experience, your investment is an investment that will pays dividends to you now and long into the future!

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