Adding a Room or Building Your Dream Home – The Right Windows Matter!

window installation

What is the difference between a window made for replacement and one made for new construction?

Actually, there shouldn’t be any! The only difference should simply be how it is attached to the home, not the quality of the product.

Over the years, however, new construction windows have been synonymous with lower quality ‘builder’s grade’ windows. At the high end of custom homes it is common to see traditional wood windows are improperly configured to withstand our high humidity climate. And this is a recipe for wood rot and early replacement, even on windows only 3 or 4 years old.

Whether you are an Architect, Builder or Homeowner, Custom Windows wants to help you make the right choice for your new home! And the quality options we offer give you the range of appearance and functionality you want, without sacrificing quality.

From Modern to Craftsman and Traditional, Custom Windows Offers Choice!

Whether you are adding a room and want to match your existing windows, or building a new custom home and want the windows to be an integral part of the design, Custom Windows can help match the product to your vision.

From Plan through Execution, Custom Windows can Help!

While Custom Windows is happy to provide a quote based upon a windows schedule, we can add greater value by reviewing your entire plans and verifying every window meets your requirements. Many customers are surprised to find that important code issues have been missed such as egress, tempering and in some areas, WOLD compliance. Sometimes requirements like this are not even noted on the window schedule, so only quoting what is on the schedule may result in expensive mistakes.

Custom Windows has the skills to review the plans and ensure your new windows will meet all code requirements as well as matching your design vision! Feel free to bring plans to our offices or forward an electronic version directly to us using our contact form!