Energycore Windows

EnergyCore is one of the few windows that has received the new designation Most Efficient from Energy Star. This requires hitting efficiency specs that are beyond normal Energy Star requirements.

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Energy Efficient Patented Technologies:


There are some windows with ‘foam filled’ frames. This is NOT one of those. The AirCell is unique because it is fused into every extrusion during the extrusion process so there are never any voids (common problem with foam fills).

Computer Modeled

AirCell is not randomly placed in the frame. The entire extrusion has been designed using computer models with the AirCell placed for maximum efficiency gain. This is why it is in some parts of the frame and not others. Foam filled frames are simply hollow vinyl frames with foam injected into some of the voids, but without being designed from the outset for maximum efficiency.

Window Frame Strength

AirCell also increases strength of the frame, something that foam fill cannot do. The minimum DP rating for an EnergyCore window is DP40 which translates to having passed structural wind-load tests of 155mph 3 second wind gusts (Cat 5 hurricane level). Some EnergyCore windows go up to DP60 levels, or 190mph.


Many homeowners want the look of their bronze aluminum windows but with the efficiency of vinyl. Unfortunately, vinyl windows cannot be done safely in dark colors, with rare exceptions, because a dark color absorbs more heat which can affect the vinyl itself. And if a homeowner paints a vinyl window a dark color, they will void the warranty as well! So there are very few options to safely have a vinyl window with a bronze exterior.

This is where the patented SuperCap on EnergyCore is unique!

  • It is NOT vinyl. It is an acrylic cap developed from military technology. Unlike painted vinyl, it will not absorb heat. It actually reflects 76% of solar infrared (heat component) so it keeps heat out of the vinyl.
  • It is fused to the vinyl during the extrusion process, so it cannot delaminate and water cannot get between it and the vinyl. Process is patented as well.

So for the first time, you can safely have a bronze exterior vinyl window without sacrificing efficiency, strength or longevity.