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When you install Custom Windows’ vinyl windows you know each are selected to meet the demands of the Houston climate.

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Vinyl Windows Advantage

  • Insulation: Vinyl does not conduct heat easily so it contributes to the efficiency of the overall window. Properly designed multi-chambered extrusions such as windows built by Custom Windows, Milgard and Safe Harbor add to this insulating benefit by reducing heat transfer from convection.
  • Custom Sizing: Vinyl windows can be manufactured to precise tolerances. Custom Windows builds to 1/8” tolerances, ensuring that you have the tightest fit and seal for each window on your home.
  • Custom Shapes: Because vinyl can be shaped under high heat, matching unique shapes such as arches, circles, ellipses, etc. is easier to accomplish than with other materials.
  • Low Maintenance: Because the color is part of the extrusion, the colors will not fade, chip, peal or rot as they might with painted finishes.
  • Recyclable: Vinyl window frames can be recycled and the material reused in other products.


Why Vinyl Windows?

As with any product, however, the quality of a vinyl window can vary dramatically based upon the materials, extrusion design and window construction.

Vinyl Recipes Affect Quality.

Starting with the vinyl formulations, every manufacturer uses a different ‘recipe’ that includes components that affect the longevity, heat resistance and strength of the vinyl. Custom Windows only works with companies or extruders who have proven life-cycle testing facilities and continually test their product to show that their formulations have the longevity required to stand up to our gulf coast climate of high humidity and high heat.

Vinyl windows represent over 70% of all windows sold in the United States today.

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Reinforced Lock Rails

Every Custom Windows vinyl window has a reinforced lock rail system regardless of window size. This ensures that even the most extreme heat cannot deform the window. If you live in Texas, this is important.

Vinyl Strength and Insulation

While many frames can have similar appearance, it is what you do not see that can be critical to the efficiency and strength of the window. Every Custom Windows vinyl window has thick walls for strength plus multiple chambers which add to the insulating efficiency of the window. And the exclusive EnergyCore™ window has patented AirCell technology built in that is computer designed to increase efficiency beyond any standard vinyl window while increasing strength to levels only matched by Fiberglass windows.

Vinyl and the Houston Climate

When you have Custom Windows vinyl windows, whether Milgard, Atrium Safe Harbor or our Slimline and EnergyCore™ windows, you know that they are specifically selected to meet the demands of the Houston climate.

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